Cabela's Fish Eagle® UL Spinning Reels Field Test Report

By: Wes Wiedmaier

Like the stalwart Nordic seafarers of the past, ice-anglers are a rare breed who endure elements that keep others homebound, dreaming of spring. For these stout folk, Cabela's makes an equally stout ultralight reel.

When you're jigging a 28" rod over an 18" hole in the middle of a frozen lake during a snowstorm in February, you quickly realize ice-fishing is not for sissies. If you're hardy enough to endure the conditions, there are plenty of fish to be caught. During 1-1/2 days at Green Mountain Reservoir in Colorado, my buddies and I landed more than 120 lakers. It was a legendary workout for my Fish Eagle UL spinning reel.

The Fish Eagle UL reel is the lightest spinning reel in Cabela's lineup. It ideally balances with short ice rods and delivers the performance you expect from the name. UL stands for ultralight, and is it ever. Don't think its light weight qualifies it for creampuff status. With three ball bearings, instant anti-reverse and a competent drag system, this spinning reel has plenty fish-fighting capabilities packed into its small frame. The drag was unflinchingly smooth during battles with the larger lakers.

Although I tested these reels during the heart of winter, they are capable of much more than just fishing on frozen ponds. They are ideal for panfish anytime of the year. Combo them up with the ultralight rod of your choice and give the smaller fish a fighting chance.