Fish On Line with FireLine®

By: Sam Grothe

Not all fishing lines are created equal, as evidenced by my recent purchase of Berkley's newest Smoke-colored FireLine®. It's definitely a step above any clear, nylon line I've ever used before.

Smoke-colored Fireline

The Walleye Test
I recently purchased a new walleye rod-and-reel rig and needed 125 yards of some decent 8-lb test. A friend recommended Berkley's newest thermal filament FireLine fishing line.

I have to be honest, this was my first departure from buying a clear, monofilament line, so I had no idea what to expect.

The first thing I noticed when I rigged up a Lindy Rig for walleye was how thin and strong the line was when I pulled a palomer knot tight with it. Next, when I cast the line out it went out effortlessly, floating farther than I was normally use to when casting. FireLine definitely gets your lure or bait out there with a smooth finish. However, my favorite feature of FireLine is, by far, its sensitivity. There's an instant feel for bites and structures. I would recommend a one-finger feel when trolling and pull your finger out of the way the moment you snag, because there's not as much stretch as you might be use to. However, this line is so strong you can pop it out of just about any structure your lure gets stuck in - be it weeds or rocks.

So far I've caught a few decent walleye with FireLine. If the hook is set, then your fish will come up.

The Trout Test
I was so impressed with this new FireLine that I took it trout fishing recently. I wanted to see what kind of response I'd get with this thermal filament on some hungry slimers. My personal take is walleye bite like a whisper, so they do a lot of the hooksetting themselves. Trout on the other hand, usually need a good jerk to set a decent hook.

Sam Grothe with a nice German brown trout.

I took my spincast setup to the Snowy Range recently, where I knew where some lunkers hang out and there's no comparison in terms of knowing when your getting a hit. You feel them nibble, then chomp and then make a U-turn for lunch at darker depths.

If you like to feel fish play and fight, then you've got to try FireLine - it takes fishing to a whole new level.

I would also say this line is about 90% better at remaining tangle-free than other fishing lines. Berkley even claims it's 20% stronger than competitive braids.

The ultrathin diameter keeps a low profile. The smoke color is perfect for lakes and murky fisheries.