Outfitter XL Cot Organizer

By: Ian McMurchy

My cot came with an optional cot organizer that I highly recommend.

This heavy-duty vinyl accessory that Cabela's calls a Cot Nightstand, attaches with three straps and only takes a minute to put in place. Someone did their homework when they designed this organizer - the pocket selection is excellent and I made use of every one. I happen to like having "a place for everything and everything in its place" when I camp. This includes a bunch of small essentials such as flashlights, film, spare ammo, my diary and pens, Kleenex, spare batteries, water jug, lens cleaning kit, spare digital camera cards and an amazing variety of small things that I do not want to misplace.

Most of the pockets are mesh so I can see what is where - that is a very good thing for someone who tends to forget as much as I do. I found that with experience I could find certain items such as my glasses or flashlight very quickly, even in total darkness, since they were so handy. There is even a hidden sleeve that holds a firearm - although when sleeping in a bear-rich environment I preferred to keep my rifle beside the cot.

What do I like best about the organizer - not having to try to remember where in heck I put my glasses and false teeth container each morning. That must be a true sign of growing old!