Cabela's Quiet Blind Heater/Cooker

James Powell

This Field-Test Report is courtesy of Cabela's Outfitter Journal magazine.

Cabela's Quiet Blind Heater/Cooker

The pre-dawn hour or so before first shooting light seems to last forever when you're sitting and shivering in a cold, cramped blind. Over the years I've tried many ways to keep warm, or at least keep from feeling completely frozen, but jumping up and down on frozen feet or doing frozen-finger mini calisthenics has never worked very well. Switch scenarios to a family camping trip with cold fall or spring morning temperatures, and you have similar heating problems.

Dragging along a 20 lb. propane tank with a standard screw-on heating element heats a blind or tent, sure, but the jet-fighter like noise and large tank make for loud, cramped conditions. Enter Cabela's Quiet Blind Heater/Cooker. This compact, multi-use heater/cooker puts out quick heat, yet is literally whisper-quiet and easy to take along on any trip. As with any propane heater, care should be used when heating confined spaces such as a duck blind, goose pit, tent or shack, but safe, intermittent use of this efficient heater will keep the chill off and still allow you to hear the whistling of a duck's wings or the whispers of a hunting companion.

The 11,000 BTU Cabela's Quiet Blind Heater/Cooker also tips over on its multi-purpose frame to serve as a cooker for making coffee or frying eggs and sausage. It runs off of standard 1-lb. propane cylinders, and can be attached to bulk propane tanks with optional 5- and- 12- ft. hoses. Run time is 1 hour, 45 minutes on a 1-lb. bottle or up to 36 hours when attached to a 20-lb. tank.

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