Swisher ATV Implement Mounting System And Plow

By: Mark Mazour, Internet Production Manager, Cabelas.com

This Field-Test Report is courtesy of Cabela's Outfitter Journal magazine.
Swisher ATV Implement Mounting System And Plow

I like snow for hunting, but I hate scooping it, so the main justification for purchasing an ATV was its plowing potential. I wanted a plow I could take on and off, since my ATV's other duties revolved around hunting — the same season as snow removal. Swisher's system fit my need, built around a mount attached to your ATV's frame, distributing the load across the bike. The system can be left on all winter or, for additional clearance in rough terrain, taken off quickly with two pins and a hitch bolt. A tip: Instead of fighting to line it all up correctly when mounting and dismounting, just compress the suspension slightly, and everything lines up.

Attaching the plow is even easier; simply pull up to the plow, insert one large pin, and attach your winch hook to raise and lower the plow — done. While you can use a manual lift, I highly recommend a power winch for ease of use and control. The plow pivots on the mount and has a very high clearance, making it easy to push deep snow in layers or over a tall bank. Angle adjustment is easily locked in with a pull-rope, without leaving the seat of your ATV. The trip springs also easily adjust to the right tension, breaking over if I catch a concrete lip or ice chunk, before damaging the plow or the bike. I was sold after our first 10-inch snow. It worked well enough that I even plowed our whole street. Somehow the city wasn't up to it, so I figured why not? It handled all that winter threw at us and is ready for another season. When everyone else was waiting for spring, I was hoping for one more snow.

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