NAP Quick Tune 360° Arrow Rest

By: Dan Carlson

A quick glance through the index of arrow rests on Cabela's Web site reveals an industry trend fall-away and capture arrow rests are the rage. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a rest that doesn't fall into one of these categories, at least for compound-bow shooters.

The rest was easy to install and its design is simple.

I'm a capture rest fan, and have been since they first made their appearance on the archery scene. As a bowhunter, I want a rest that holds my arrow throughout my drawing motion knowing my arrow is on the rest and will stay on the rest is just one less thing I have to worry about when I'm trying to make a shot at a big-game animal. Early in my bowhunting career, before capture rests hit the market, add-on devices that held arrows in place were an option, but in my opinion, they never worked that well.

When Lary Robinson, archery product specialist at Cabela's, asked if I'd be willing to try a new capture rest for the season, I figured why not? My current bow setup has a capture rest, but this new one looked intriguing, and very different from what I was shooting at the time. He handed me the new NAP Quick Tune 360° Arrow Rest.

The rest was easy to install and its design is simple three capture arms keep your arrow secure in virtually any bow position, even upside down. The two upper arms sport brushes, which silently hold your arrow, while the bottom arm has a launcher for optimum arrow support when drawing your bow.

One of the interesting aspects to this rest is that all adjustments can be made with one Allen wrench all the heads are the same size, making field adjustments that much easier.

NAP Quick Tune 360° Arrow Rest

Once set up, I first shot at 10 yards to determine if the rest was positioned correctly. When I was satisfied that the rest was properly adjusted, I set about sighting in. The 360° is designed to shoot the cock feather/vane on top, so I had to adjust my nocks accordingly, but it took only a few seconds to have all the field arrows ready to shoot. Sighting-in was a breeze, and my arrow flight was consistent from this rest. With proper nock alignment, none of your fletching makes contact with the rest, so there is no resistance on your fletching, and no fear of warped or shredded fletching. NAP also claims that the Quick Tune 360° works great in wet or freezing conditions. I haven't shot in those conditions yet, so I can't confirm the rest's performance or quietness in that weather, but I intend to find out during deer and elk seasons.

I've shot Cabela's Outfitter Series Buff Tuff Arrows fletched with 4-inch vanes and Cabela's Stalker Extreme Arrows with the taller Blazer vanes through this rest, and both perform well with plenty of fletching clearance.

The NAP Quick Tune 360° Arrow Rest is available for right- and left-hand shooters, in models for both carbon and aluminum arrows.