Dry-Plus® Premium Waders - Tested Around from New Zealand to British Columbia

Interview with Bill Flick By Rafe Nielsen
Bill Flick with a big brown in New Zealand.

Walking up to a river full of fishermen, you can identify the various generations of waders that have come about over the last several years. Occasionally you will see a fisherman wearing the rugged and durable black rubber waders that, at one time, were the only choice for an angler. Next in line will be the dark brown bootfoot neoprene waders, perfect for fishing in the cooler months of the year, but hot in the summer. On the bank you will notice someone with stockingfoot neoprenes, a revision of the originals for those that want wading boots for more support on their feet and ankles. Down the river, however, you will undoubtedly find a fisherman wearing the latest and greatest of the wader technology: breathable waders.

Wader technology has come a long way from the days of the heavy-duty and heavy-weighted rubber waders to the new breathable waders of today. Amid the various styles, types and models that exist today, Cabela's Dry-Plus Premium waders are among the best.

Cabela's Dry-Plus® Premium Waders
Cabela's Dry-Plus waders are some of the lightest weight waders in the industry, leaving you to feel as though you aren't wearing them at all. These waders eliminate the aching shoulders and exhausted legs associated with heavier waders. All day trips are common for anyone who wears them because of their lightweight, comfortable fit.

These waders are also extremely breathable. In times past, it was a common sight to see fishermen standing on the bank in the heat of the day with their waders pulled to their knees, soaked with sweat, trying to air out and cool down. With today's technology, Cabela's Dry-Plus waders allow perspiration vapor to pass through their breathable membrane and eliminate overheating and excess sweat. Having waders that can breathe lets you spend all day fishing in the heat of the summer without feeling like you need to stop and cool down during lunch.

An Expert's Field Test
With a pair of lightweight waders, the question of how they perform in the field always comes up. My questions were answered, though, when I talked to Bill Flick.

Bill Flick in his float tube with another big brown.

Bill Flick is a retired Fisheries Biologist who now works as a consultant for various stream and hatchery projects. He spends most of his time, however, fishing. As a resident of Livingston, Montana, a walk out his back door puts him in some of the best fly-fishing country the West has to offer. But he doesn't stay around home much. Bill has fished everywhere from the Amazon River for peacock bass to Alaska for salmon and everything in-between. As a former fishing guide, fisheries biologist and now a consultant and world traveled fisherman, Bill knows fishing and knows it well.

Bill has worn a pair of Cabela's Dry-Plus Premium waders for three years, and he can't wear them out. "I have been wearing waders for over 50 years now and these are the first ones that didn't end up full of patches." This is impressive when you consider what he has put his Dry-Plus waders .

"Last year I fished for steelhead in British Columbia for 8 to 12 hours a day for a total of five weeks, and at one point for 10 straight days." British Columbia is known for dense vegetation, willows and thickets, not the kind of environment that is friendly to lightweight, breathable waders. "Each morning I covered close to a mile each way going through willows and dense brush to my favorite pool, and these waders never got a puncture or tear, unlike every other pair of waders I have worn."

Flick added, "When you add in the remainder of the season that I spend in a float tube or on the rivers of Montana, you would come up with more hours than most people fish in 10 years or more. These waders are extremely tough, particularly considering how light they are."
Cabela's Dry-Plus Premium Waders

Cabela's Dry-Plus Premium waders are constructed of a tightly woven micro-denier fabric that makes them wear well, as Bill's past three years have proven. Although tough, these are as comfortable of pair of waders as you can find.

To add to the comfort, Cabela's has integrated a neoprene suspender system instead of the usual nylon strap. It wraps comfortably around your shoulders and forms a custom fit. The lightweight suspenders give you unrestricted movement and flexibility while casting and wading, which proves to be a valuable asset on long days of fishing.

The Dry-Plus Premium waders are constructed with double-layer knees reinforced by a layer of neoprene. This lets you creep on your knees up to a selective fish without worrying about wearing holes in your waders. Any fisherman who has fished the slippery river bottoms of trout streams will also appreciate reinforced knees, protecting you on occasional slips.

As with all stockingfoot waders there is always the concern of having rock, pebbles and gravel wear away at the feet. The neoprene foot with a high-density sole on the Dry-Plus waders allows for a great amount of abuse from foreign objects that would eat away lesser waders. For added prevention, Cabela's has attached a gravel guard with a rust proof lace hook to prevent the rocks and gravel from starting to wear away at the feet.

The new breathable waders of today of a far cry better than the old rubber waders in times past. Leading the way with every amenity a fisherman could need is Cabela's Dry-Plus Premium waders. For the money, you cannot find a pair of waders that is more breathable, durable, lightweight or comfortable. Just ask Bill Flick, he has hundreds of stories that prove these waders are as good as they get.