Meindl Boots - Traditions. Generations. Innovations.

By: Mark Mazour
Meindl's Factory in it's alpine setting.

For over 300 years, this has been the Meindl family's formula for success, and they know how to make hunting boots from years of hunting, climbing, and bootmaking experience.

When Meindl makes boots, they look back on experience of more than 300 years, starting with Petrus Meindl. In 1683, he became the first documented bootmaker in the village of Kirchanschoring, Germany, located at the foot of the Alps. In 1928, Lukas Meindl officially founded the Meindl Co. in this same alpine town. After his death, his sons Alfons and Hannes Meindl assumed control of the company, continuing the tradition and building on the experience. They rely on this experience to satisfy their high requirements in quality, workmanship and selection of materials.

Alfons Meindl currently presides as the Senior Managing Director, working closely with his sons Lukas and Lars. Of course, their years of experience also mean tradition. This tradition is not only of bootmaking, but also one of hunting, hiking and mountaineering. The rugged terrain surrounding their home provides the perfect setting to test and design their quality footwear.

Alfons Meindl and Cabela's Kevin Matthews

Strong Hunting Heritage and Travels
Alfons Meindl has a strong passion for hunting that has been with him since his youth. Since passing Germany's tedious hunter training course in the 1950's, his travels have taken him across several continents in search of big game and mountaineering adventure. Alfons has even climbed the peaks of Kilimanjaro, and harvested all east African animals from the tiny Dik Dik to the mighty Cape Buffalo.

Alfons' travels have also had him in North America, taking trophy moose and mountain goat and across all of eastern Europe chasing deer, stag, and the coveted Ibex. While climbing the difficult peaks of the western Swiss Alps, Alfons first encountered an Ibex, the most wanted trophy in Europe. Eager to harvest this majestic trophy, Alfons immediately applied for permission to hunt the Ibex. The Swiss government came back with a stern "No", stating that they did not welcome foreign hunters to their mountains. Thirteen years later, Alfons tried once more, but again he was turned down. Finally, after another five years waiting, Alfons' dedication and persistence paid off when he received permission form the Swiss government and harvested a trophy Ibex, one of the jewels in his regal trophy room.

Kevin Matthews and a trophy Chamois.

The Chamois
Although he has hunted across the world, Alfons Meindl's true passion is close to home. He loves to chase the hardy chamois, which inhabit the steep alpine country surrounding their home. It is hard country, but to Alfons, it is nothing more than beautiful. The mountains and the snow combine to form the perfect setting for a challenging hunt. Alfons' own private hunting grounds are located high up, over 9000 feet above sea level, on the highest mountain in Austria.

Alfons and his son Lukas enjoy the offerings of the Alps and take advantage of it whenever they can. They usually hunt the chamois when the grounds are deep with snow, and temperatures are plummeting - sometimes as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees F) The Meindl family feels that this is when the beauty of the mountains and the chamois are at their best.

Quality Boot Craftsmen that Love to Hunt
Hunting the chamois in these severe conditions have influenced the bootmaking of Meindl. From their hunting and climbing travels, they realize the severe duty your feet and boots endure in climbing the steep, rocky grades while chasing mountain sheep, chamois, or unclaimed peaks. Their own alpine getaway also provides the perfect testing grounds for current and new products. Combined with their years of experience, the Meindl family is confident that a boot will perform, long before it is ever introduced to the public.

The quality that they design into Meindl footwear is not based on mere conjecture. They are in tuned to a unique level of quality and build their boots to meet the needs as they know them. To ensure this level of perfection, all Meindl boots are handcrafted in Meindl factories by skilled bootmakers. That's the way it has been for over 300 years and Meindl assures us that that is the way it will remain. They stand behind this quality, guaranteeing their craftsmanship.

Cabela's and Meindl
Cabela's realized the quality offered in Meindl boots and has been working with them since 1989 to bring this quality footwear to you. At the present time, Cabela's offers eight different boots made in the Meindl factories. These boots have been designed to handle the rugged terrain of the Alps, and they can hold up to whatever terrain you can find.

Cabela's Black Canyon™ Boot
Canyon country is place for serious boots that can stand up to rugged climbing and lots of rocky footing. All too often, boots are over-engineered to handle such a difficult environment and that adds up to a lot of unwanted, and unnecessary weight and bulk. When Cabela's Black Canyon hit the market, that problem was eliminated. This boot delivers all the rugged support and traction that a warm-weather excursion demands, without suffocating insulation or waterproof membranes.

A full-grain nubuck leather upper with Cordura® side panels, along with perforated leather sides, provides excellent ventilation. The interior Clima™ lining allows optimum airflow during high exertion. Even the gusseted Clima tongue is covered in Cordura for maximum breathability. The Air Active insole wicks moisture away to keep feet dry and can be removed at the end of a long day on the trail. Meindl's Multigrip® MTH® rubber outsole grabs rocky terrain and won't let go, while the Poron™ heel insert absorbs all the punishment.

"Perfekt™" Hunter/Hiker
Cabela's Perfekt Hunter/Hiker got its name because it's the perfect blend of comfort, support and performance for any hunt or hiking expedition. In fact, they're so well built, the American Podiatric Medical Association recommends them for their foot-friendly construction. Natural cork lays the foundation that this boot is built around. Cork not only protects your joints from shock, but molds to your foot for custom support. In addition to the benefits of the cork bed, a Poron™ heel insert has been added to resists compression for even more shock absorption and a comfortable walking stride.

A moisture-managing layer over the footbed is a major advantage for all-day wear. This layer draws moisture away and transfers it to a dispersing layer, so your feet remain dry and comfortable. A rugged polyurethane midsole adds an additional layer of comfort, and the Multigrip® rubber outsole offers no-slip traction on loose terrain. Meindl also included a 100% waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX® membrane in the design, to seal out the sloppiest elements. You'll find excellent support with the DIGAfix® lacing system that snugs the boots around your instep and heel, eliminating slippage without pinching or binding. This Hiker is uninsulated for comfort in warmer temperatures and has the added durability of full-grain nubuck leather.

Men's and Women's Teton II™ Hikers
Made especially for experienced hikers, backpackers and hunters, the Teton II boots feature one-piece nubuk leather uppers that are softer and more supple, but still as scuff-resistant as ever. A full GORE-TEX® lining prevents moisture from penetrating, yet allows foot perspiration to breathe away. The Air-Active® footbed provides a stable foundation of comfort and can be removed after a long hike for rapid drying. A polyurethane midsole absorbs the shock from hard, rocky trails, and the updated Vibram® Multigrip outsole provides incredible traction and walking comfort in the high country.

Meindl's Air Revolution Hikers

Canada™ Hunting Boot
Perfectly suited for extremely rough terrain, these 11" hunting boots have a GORE-TEX® boottie making it 100% waterproof, yet breathes to allow water vapor to escape. 200-gram Thinsulate and perforated polyurethane footbed covered by Cambrelle® insulates without the loft or bulk. Meindl's Super-Grip sole, with its built-in shock absorber system, makes walking on rocks and rough terrain easy on your feet. Heavily waxed, one piece leather uppers withstand immense punishment. The boot features a glove-soft, padded collar that encases the ankle and lower calf.

Winter 800™ Hunting Boot
Engineered to weather rain, snow, dew, and icy mountain waters, the Winter 800™ hunting boots are 100% waterproof with GORE-TEX® bootie. An added layer of 800-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation traps heat to maintain your body's natural warmth without weight or bulk. The removable Air Active footbed also wicks moisture away and allows air to flow around your foot. Multi-directional Vibram outsoles provide the climbing and braking traction required for safe uphill and downhill travel.

Meindl's Alaska boots.

Alaska Hunter™
Maximum support is needed when following sheep or goats, so this boot is built with a super-stiff insole for support and extreme torsional rigidity. A DiGAfix® fixing system provides perfect, pressure-free fit around the instep and heel. These boots are insulated with 200-grams of Thinsulate insulation and GORE-TEX liners ensure 100% waterproof breathability. A padded collar and fully gusseted tongue provide a snug, comfortavle fit, and an air active footbed protects from shocks.

Men's and Women's Denali™ Hunting Boot
The silicone-sealed nubuck leather uppers offer waterproof durability a GORE-TEX® lining keeps feet dry while allowing perspiration to escape. 200-gram Thinsulate insulation adds a layer of warmth. A soft wedge midsole and rigid heel counter to protect your feet from the damage caused from walking on slick, rocky ground. Removable, washable AIR-ACTIVE® footbed features odor absorbing charcoal. Riveted D-ring and speed-hook lacing system.

Meindl's Sitka hunting boots.

Sitka™ Hunting Boot
These 9" lightweight, comfortable boots are made of tough, breathable, and water-resistant Cordura nylon and waterproof leather upper provides lightweight durability. A breathable GORE-TEX® liner in thses uninsulated boots adds 100% waterproofness. The soft Cambrelle® lining quickly transports perspiration away from your feet so it can dissipate.

Ibex Hunting Boot

Men's and Women's Ibex™ Hunting Boot
The exclusive Meindl muilt-grip outsole, with its specially designed angled tread and terrain-grabbing cleats, grips and bites for optimum traction. Soft, polyurethane wedge midsole absorbs shock. Upper is made of waterproof split leather and breathable, waterproof nylon. A GORE-TEX®liner completes the waterproof package. 200-gram Thinsulate insulation guarantees warmth, and the removable footbed with activated charcoal eliminates odor.