Bimini top Buyer's Guide
Start by determining the length of the top to fit your specific needs and boat make.

1. Measure the distance from the front of the windshield to the desired distance over the deck area. Choose from the 6-foot, 3-bow model or 8-foot, 4-bow model.

2. Determine the width of your boat. Start by finding the center pivoting position of the top. This will be approximately the center position between the front predetermined position and the desired position over the deck.

3. Measure the width from the center position of the pivoting mounts to each side of your boat. This will give you the width needed for your top.

4. While standing inside the boat, measure from the pivoting mounting point on top of the gunwale straight up to determine the desired height. Choose from 36", 46" or 54" tops. Using those three measurements, you should be able to match up a Bimini Top that fits your needs. All mounting hardware is included with each top.