When you talk about hunting and promoting it to the entire family, there are two names that always come up, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, "North America's Favorite Hunting Couple" and hosts of the No. 1 bow hunting television show, "ARCHER'S CHOICE®" and their new show, "THE CHOICE."

Ralph and Vicki have done it all, from owning their own archery pro shop, to outfitting for deer, bear and elk. They have worked from the bottom up to earn a reputation that is second to none in the hunting industry. It doesn't matter to them if their names are up in lights. They would rather continue to grow the sport than brag about their accomplishments. Their knowledge comes from the highest authorities out there- the animals themselves. They scout, hang stands, and do what we all do, just hunt. Ralph and Vicki believe that the best way to learn is from hands-on experience; and their TV shows, DVDs, seminars and articles all prove they are the REAL DEAL! All of Ralph and Vicki's seminars are done with the finest video and audio, so viewers are locked in their seats and assured total entertainment. They have an amazing ability to connect with everyone they talk to regardless of their background, and each walk away with a much greater appreciation and understanding of bowhunting and hunting.

Through all of their success, Ralph and Vicki have remained unbelievably humble and down to earth, as their greatest joy comes from bringing one more person into the sport of hunting. In 2001, they were blessed with a son, RJ. In January 2006, RJ took his first animal, a feral hog in Florida, with a Ten Point crossbow. That was the proudest day of their lives, bar none!

Archer's Choice Media is a family-owned and operated business, and has made many great accomplishments. In 2005, "ARCHER'S CHOICE®" TV show won for the 'Fan Favorite Hunting Show' Golden Moose Award from The Outdoor Channel. This award is based on the TV show that received the most votes on The Outdoor Channel website and Nielson ratings. In January 2006, Cabela's, the World's Foremost Outfitter, honored Ralph & Vicki by asking them to become part of their exclusive Hunting Pro-Staff.

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